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With a background in sports science and sports coaching the unique combination of not only knowing how to help you achieve your goals but the science behind the impact of different training, makes the services offered at MaximumTraining unique.

To enquire about any of these services, please contact us.


Beginning with an initial consultation to discuss your aims, goals and aspirations, you’ll tell us what days you can train and for how long. We’ll then produce a weekly training programme that’s tailored to your needs, which we’ll review and update weekly to help you achieve your goals. We will also provide feedback on each training session you track with Training Peaks (account provided), and of course you’ll receive regular email and phone communication to chat through your progress. 

This is a monthly package that provides specific detailed plans to enable you to perform as a triathlete and to improve your performance.

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You will get a Training Peaks account, this enables us to provide you with a plan of what training you are to do, based on discussions for time availability. Training Peaks acts as a portal for you to share the feedback on every session, and for us to provide feedback on this training.

Progress is recorded, with scheduled fitness tests to enable the progression of your training, enabling you to help reach your full potential. Please contact us for more details, to discuss your specific needs and dreams.


£80 per month



The gold standard of physiological testing.

VO² max is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can consume and use per minute. The higher the level, the higher the ability to race and train.

Knowing your results allows you to plan efficient training, ensuring that every workout you complete has a scientific valid purpose, to calculate the exact training zones and train with a purpose.




Blood Lactate Testing

Aerobic exercise is maintainable for a prolonged period, anaerobic exercise is not.

Knowing at the exact heart rate that the change from aerobic to anaerobic can make the difference between managing a personal best or a personal worst.

Knowing the threshold can be used to gauge training, racing and progression in your tolerance to lactic acid.



Athol Finish.jpg
Blood Lactate Testing

FTP Testing

Functional Threshold Power (both running and cycling) is the amount of power that you can maintain for an hour.

This information is vital to ensure that you train and race at an appropriate level. Yup, all those people that you pass who started off too hard could have benefited from this knowledge.

This test can be combined with VO2 max testing or Blood Lactate to double the information you have to inform your training.



FTP Testing

Near Infrared Spectrometry

Oxygen is the major source of energy for the muscles, when oxygen saturation reduces, muscles can not work as effectively.

Knowing how your muscles use oxygen is important, knowing how small changes can affect the levels of oxygen saturation may affect your ability to perform is the science behind Near Infrared Spectrometry (NIRS).



Infrared Spectometry

Calorific Use

Ever run out of energy, hit the wall, bonked or any of the other terms used?

Bet you wish you knew exactly how many calories you were using at different heart rates, and the source of that energy requirement.

These tests will enable you to understand at what heart rate you use different energy sources and how much energy your body really needs.



Calorific Use
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