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Max started his triathlon journey in the mid 1980s and has been participating ever since. Having seen fads and ideas come and go, he knows all too well that the one constant is quality of training.

Trained in Sports Science & Coaching

With a background in sports science and sports coaching the unique combination of not only knowing how to help you achieve your goals but the science behind the impact of different training, makes the services offered at MaximumTraining unique.

Max is a BTF Level 3 coach, holds an MSc in Applied Sports & Exercise Science and still currently teaches and manages BSc Applied Sports Science & Coaching within education. This means that you get clear coaching that is personalised to you and your needs and the ability to apply current academic theory to the science of your training, with knowledge of the physiological impacts the training is having on your body.

Teaching Sports Science allows him to ensure that any training uses the best and current practice to help the athletes coached achieve their goals, whatever their initial physical or physiological level. Being a lecturer also ensures that the sessions are clear and well-written so you can concentrate on your training knowing that every session has a purpose for your improvement.

Maximum Training
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