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Triathlon training for athletes

Maximum Training

Plan your triathlon

Personalised training programmes and sport science make a real difference, whatever your level, be it in your first sprint triathlon or qualifying for world championships. And that’s what we do, helping you develop into the athlete you want to be. MaximumTraining will work with you to plan your triathlon training based on your personal goals.

Our Services

We offer a whole range of services including:

  • Coaching

  • VO2 Testing

  • Blood Lactate Testing

  • FTP Testing

  • Near Infrared Spectrometry

  • Calorific Use

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Maximum Training

About Max

With a background in sports science and sports coaching the unique combination of not only knowing how to help you achieve your goals but the science behind the impact of different training, makes the services offered at MaximumTraining unique.

“Max took the time to understand my goals and training commitment. After years in the wilderness training solo, I’m finally seeing a real increase in performance. Great results from a training regime tailored to my ability.” - GF

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